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Workshops in May

It is God's desire that fathers become deeply and intentionally involved in the nurturing of their children.

Fathers play a key and critical role in the raising up a strong and healthy child. The failure of fathers or neglect by them in carrying out their role well has contributed to the many ills in our children today.

Peter Lim will share on some biblically defined roles of a father and his personal journey as a father of 3.

Parenting Digital Natives-05.png

With a wide array of games and materials just one click away, the internet has become such an important resource in every child’s life. In this modern era, many aspects of a child’s life are dependent on devices that are connected to the internet. Therefore, being proactive and staying educated on the latest cyber trends is crucial especially in their formative years.


This workshop will enable participants to understand the impact of cyber trends on society, their children,

and also increase their confidence in managing their family’s digital life.

New Opportunities & Faith Beyond-05.png

This workshop is to gain insights and understanding regarding the economic recession ahead as well as discover what new opportunities might await us. It is a practical workshop where participants can ask questions and receive handles on how they can prepare for what's ahead. 

This workshop is targeted at working adults in their 30s and 40s who are juggling career, family and more. However, it is open to anyone with a spirit to learn and grow in this season for the season ahead. 

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