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We strive not just to be a church in our community but for our community. We choose to walk the high ways and byways of life, meet people at their point of need and touch lives by making a real difference by offering practical help and sharing hope.


We are a centre in the middle of town where those in need or from the street can find a place to rest and belong. It is not just a place to serve the community but also a platform to let people learn, train, and equip skills for community services.

What do we do?

Tuesday & Thursday

Various workshops will be run for people
to work and the income generated will become the centre fund to help those in need.


The Centre runs a service and they will experience activities such as worship, testimonies sharing, a short message,
and prayer session. Lunch will be served
at the end of the service.


A cell meeting will be held for the community.

Where are we?

No. 348, Taman Bukit Lemon,
70000,Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

agape community mart

Agape community mart is a mart for the community where good conditioned, pre-owned or brand new items can be donated to be
self-collected by those in need for free

What do we do?


Every Sundays from 10 am till 12 pm, our church Foodbank will open to collect any necessary items that needs to be donate.


Every two weeks, the ACM will open from 10 am till 12 pm at our Drop In Centre (backroad garage) for any individuals to collect items for their own personal use.

How can you lend a hand?

You can check this ACM Handout     
to understand how you can lend a hand in
this project. Do help us to spread the news around you, so that those in need of any items can come and collect items for themselves.


We support the hardcore poor with monthly
dry food supplies and help families get back
on their feet.

What do we do?

We supply monthly groceries to families who are in need. Food items are packed and distributed monthly through delivery or collection by recipients.

How can you lend a hand?

Regardless whether you are a private corporation or an individual, you can partner with us to make
a difference where it matters.
To lend a hand for families to get back on
their feet through provision and empowerment.




What is in a Standard Food Box?

Rice 5kg

Instant Noodles & Meehoon

Flour 1kg

Cooking Oil 2L

Canned Food - sardines, baked beans, peas

Oat & Chocolate drink

Cream Crackers

How can you help? What can you do to play a part in making a difference where it matters? We are always looking for people who are willing to partner and lending a hand towards helping people.

Corporate partnership


Donate any amount once or monthly.

Cost of food box :

- RM100 per family x 60
- RM6000 per month


To sponsor, please

bank-in to the account below:

Agape Community Church

HLB 011-0011-1939

State: “Community


Donate 1 item of choice
for all families (60 units) once or monthly

The items you can donate are:
- toiletries

- cleaning products
- canned food

- anything from company


We are open
to explore any other types of partnership that you offer. Just contact us if you have any idea in mind to support this program.



Deliver food boxes
to families who are
homebound once a month

If you are interested in helping out deliver food boxes, please do contact Lois (018-5764044)

to make arrangements.


Donate RM50/RM100 per family monthly or any amount that you are capable of. You can donate once or monthly.

3 mths      6mths      12mths

To sponsor, please

bank-in to the account below:

Agape Community Church

HLB 011-0011-1939

State: "Community


Donate 1 item of choice
for all families (60 units) once or monthly.

If interested, kindly call

Wei Khin (012-6121307) 

to explore type of item

and the length of time.

If you are interested to know more about the activities or how can you serve in any particular activities, please do contact us. 

Contact Number:
06-7626455 (Office)
012-6480777 (Rev. Joshua)

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