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We are part of the Assemblies of God Malaysia and are among the Pentecostal churches in the world. The biggest distinction of the Pentecostal is our practice of speaking in tongues as the initial physical sign of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit which is a subsequent experience to salvation. It is a special empowerment for believers for witnessing and effective service.



The Bible is our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice. This Statement of Fundamental Belief is intended simply as a basis of fellowship among us, i.e., that we all speak the same thing (1 Cor 1:10 ; Ac 2:42 ). The phraseology employed in this Statement is not inspired or contended for, but the truth set forth is held to be essential to a full gospel ministry. No claim is made that it contains all Biblical truth, only that it covers our need as to these fundamental doctrines.


Scriptures Inspired

We believe the Scriptures are inspired by God.

The One True God

We believe there is One True God revealed in three persons.

The Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ

We believe in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.

The Fall of Man

We believe humankind willingly fell into sin – ushering in evil and death, both physical and spiritual, into the world.

The Salvation of Man

We believe every person can be restored to fellowship with God through accepting Christ's offer of forgiveness and salvation.

The Ordinances of the Church

We believe in Water Baptism by full immersion after salvation, and Holy Communion as a symbolic remembrance of Christ's suffering and death for our salvation.

The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

We believe the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is a special experience following salvation that empowers believers for witnessing and effective service.

The Initial Physical Evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

The baptism of believers in the Holy Spirit is witnessed by the initial physical sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God gives them utterance.


We believe sanctification initially occurs at salvation, but is also a progressive lifelong process.

The Church and Its Mission

We believe the church has a mission to seek and save all who are lost in sin.

The Ministry

We believe a divinely called and biblically ordained leadership ministry serves the church.

Divine Healing

We believe divine healing of the sick is a privilege for Christians today and is provided for in Christ's atonement.

The Blessed Hope

We believe in the Blessed Hope - when Jesus raptures his church prior to his return to Earth.

The Millennial Reign of Christ

We believe in the millennial reign of Christ when Jesus returns with his saints at his second coming and begins his rule over earth for 1,000 years.

The Final Judgement

We believe in a final judgment for those who have rejected Christ.

The New Heavens and New Earth

We believe in a new heavens and a new earth that Christ is preparing for all people who have accepted Him.

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