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This is a true story of a God who loved His own creation so much that He was not willing that they should be destroyed in their own self destructive ways. For the consequences of sin and wrong doing is eternal death and separation from God. 


His love compelled Him to be born as a human - to live a sinless life, to show the ways of God and to die as a sacrifice in our place. When He died, He took our place of judgement so that we no longer need to face the penalty of sin. All we have to do is choose to accept Him and His sacrifice for us. 

Thus, we get to become children of God, reconnected with our Maker and enjoy the full life that He has to offer. The choice is still ours today - to reject or to accept His love.

If you are not sure whether you are right with God or you know in fact that you need Jesus in your life, you can choose to follow Him right now by praying a prayer of surrender to Jesus.

Dear Jesus, I recognize that I am lost without You and in need of a Saviour. I believe in You as my Savior. Thank You for dying for me. Lord, forgive me of my sins and wash them away. Lord Jesus, I receive You right now. ​I invite You into my life as my Lord God & Saviour. I want to follow You only all the days of my life. The old me is gone and I am a new person now. Thank You for Your love.
                  In Jesus' Name I pray, amen.

Congratulations! This prayer of a surrendered heart to Jesus is the just the beginning of a the most important journey you'll ever embark on: the journey of following Jesus. Please let us know if you've made a commitment to Jesus and prayed this prayer by clicking the button below and filling the form below.


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