What's the webinar about? 

The oldest millennial now is said to be 40 y.o. and are already in the world of parenting and management. In the meantime the world is seeing a new generation entering the workforce, Gen Zs. Thus, the new generation conflict has shifted to the Millennials and Gen Z, who appears to be nothing like them.


As a church, we need to understand how to integrate each unique generation within the church community for the unity of the Body of Christ and the glory of His name. We also need to make space for conversations with these generations to talk about their experiences with faith and kingdom living in a world that is vastly different from generations before.

 Who are the speakers for this event? 

Rev. Szet Anne


Understanding the Generations

Understanding different generation better, how are they alike and different

Jason Dorsey


A GLS Session: Generational Clues Uncovered

An insight sharing about both of the Millennial generation and the Gen Z. 

William & Belinda



"The Connected Generation"

Presenting the research from BARNA group and Alpha Malaysia about the connected generation and drawing some conclusion for us

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Crossover 2019-Exponential
Live beyond the challenges!
Young Adult Crossover
Find out more about how to grow in the work you are passionate about through our Young Adult Crossover Conference!
Praise & Worship
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord. Psalm 150:6
Find Your Breakthrough
Feeling stuck in your work and life? What is hindering you from growing and progressing? Find your breakthrough.
Don’t get stuck, be awe-struck!
Speaker: Ms Woon Su Sim
Ms Woon Su Sim spoke on the art of improving employability and how hard skills, soft skills and gaining skills is a way to catch the attention of the interviews.
Speaker: Tho Kit Hoong
Mr. Tho Kit Hoong, Co-founder of Swingvy, a 2018 recipient of the Entrepreneurial Company award of the year. Kick starting your own business is never easy and full of challenges, therefore Mr Tho shared his story and pointers to those who were interested to start their own. What a better way of getting first-hand information from the one who ran the race ahead of us?
Speaker : Mr. Wong Fook Meng
In the session ‘’My God and My Boss’’, Mr. Wong shared on how we could integrate faith into workplace. As a licensed lawyer since 2000 and conferred the ‘’Bintang Khidmat Terpuji’’ by the State of Malacca, he emphasised the spirit of excellency in the workplace accompanied by integrity in character.
Breakfast & Food
Breakfast team led by our own Young Adults.
The conference had been quite a wake-up call for me. I came with no expectations, and it was the first ever Young Adult workshop I’d attended. I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve always complained and whine about a lot of things to God. Ps. Gwen literally told us its time to “suck it up”. It really hit and taught me that God doesn’t give you what you want, but what you’ve been prepared for. It was a fun filled event with a great amount of input. Certainly no regrets!
-Sashi, participant-
Crossover 2019
Time and energy invested to grow exponentially is never a waste.
Hope everyone had a good time. See you in the next conference.
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Crossover 2018-Influence
Laurie Buchanan once said that we should never underestimate the
influence you have on others.
Young Adult Conference
Young Adult conference is a place to build your network, make new friends as well as meet other like-minded working professionals.
Speaker: Peter Lim
Bro. Peter Lim brought across an instructional and interactive workshop for setting wise goals or desires for children and how parents can have a positive influence over their children’s lives.
Speaker: Rachel Shanti
She is a community development coordinator from Malaysian Care. She shared her personal experience on community work and how you can do it too.
Speaker: Pastor Ramachandran
Pastor Ramachandran is part of the Senior Global Executive team from Kingdom City. He was an entrepreneur and software engineer before coming on to full time ministry. In his talk on ‘Marketplace Impact’, he emphasised that the workplace can indeed be our greatest harvest field as we impact the people around us for Christ.
Speaker: Pastor Joshua Yong
Disagreements often stunts communication with the other party. Our very own homegrown Pastor Joshua Yong steered a session on recognising and breaking bad communication habits. Besides, he generously shared alternatives on how to talk to people you disagree with.
Speaker: Sis Jenny Woon
“Understanding Love Languages”, hosted by Agape’s very own Sis. Jenny Woon expounded on how we could tackle relationship issues by filling each other’s love tanks in our relationships.
Speaker: Anita Lawrence
Every puzzle piece is equally important to paint a complete picture. Therefore, each team player needs to play their own designated role.
Anita Lawrence, a certified trainer from The John Maxwell Team helped us uncover and utilise our very own leadership capabilities to build stronger teams and families.
Workshop & Masterclass
Equipping ourselves need not always be time-gruelling processes, they could be sharing sessions filled with laughter!
When in Rome, do as Romans do!
When in Malaysia, what do we do?
We makan lah!
We brought food trucks to our doorsteps.
Attendees had a smashing time recharging and discussing the takeaways from the sessions over yummy food.
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