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Throughout the year 2020 till today, COVID-19 has affected all of our studies, works and lives. With that is better we always get informed about the latest news of COVID-19 to keep ourselves and loved ones saved. Better be informed than worrying. So, here are some pieces of information about the virus COVID-19 and the SOP of coming back on-site.

When the church reopens, the fight against Covid-19 is not over and we will all need to take necessary precautions to hamper the spread of the virus. As you come back to church, you will notice the signs and arrows we have set up. We hope that we can show love to one another in the church by being responsible, caring for the vulnerable, and following SOP guidelines set. Below are some graphic reminders to practice often. 


Here is also a PDF guidebook by Sunway Healthcare Group about the information on COVID-19, how to take care of yourself during self-isolation, symptoms of COVID-19 and more 

Always keep informed and continue to pray for the pandemic. Continue taking good care of yourself and your loved ones in this season. Reach out to us if you need any help. Hope to see y'all safe and sound when the church reopened.


Stay safe and healthy.

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