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Whether you just started dating or have been dating for years, it is important to build the right foundations before you step into the commitment of married life. 

If you and your partner are interested to sign up, do fill in the form below and book a slot for the next course. You can also contact the pastoral team to enquire. 

Agape's Marriage Preparation is a Pre-Marital Course that based on biblical foundations and will also cover some practical marital handles for communication, expectation management, family-in-laws, finance and so on.


The course has 4 sessions that will be done within 3-4 months, before the wedding.
It includes 3 group sessions and 1 private session.

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We also offer the Prepare/Enrich assessment, a widely used evidence based research assessment tool for couples. It takes a comprehensive look at a couple's relationship to help give a clearer understanding of oneself and one's relationship. 

This strengths-oriented assessment includes relationship dynamics, stress profiling, family mapping, personality assessment and more. It gives the true picture of where a couple is and guides a couple to have a better version of themselves. 

For more information, do visit Prepare/Enrich website

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