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Psalm 127:3 (NLT) Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.

We believe that all children are precious and deserve to be loved. All children are equally created by God and possesses within them the image of their Maker. And we want them to know that. 


At Agape, we try to build an atmosphere of care and support for every child that walks in so that they may feel belonged. If you attend the church or are considering visiting our church, below are some areas that you and your child can also be supported or involves 

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Parents Room

This facility is in a separate building that is built with parents with newborns in mind. It has nursing chambers, a private toilet, kitchenette, a crib and toys for young children.

It also has a live stream from the main hall so that parents can be a part of the service while caring for their babies. 

Seedling Sessions

We need to start discipling our children at a tender age and exposing them to the wonderful light of Christ. So here at Agape we offer classes to help parents train their young.

These are catered for toddlers from ages 2 - 6 in different age group classes. Parents may join the classes to help their young get use to the classes.

Children's Church

Our children's church runs concurrently with our second service on Sunday so while their parents attend church, this is church for children!

It is catered for primary school children ages 7 - 12 where we learn about Jesus in a dynamic and fun way. 


Parenting in this era is not easy and it is important to know you are not alone. 

We have a newsletter chain for parents to be encouraged, receive news and resources about parenting. To be a part of this network, email us.

We also run ad-how seminars and workshops for parenting and family like understanding the generation, parenting digital kids, etc. 

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