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Good tidings to all!

It is our greatest joy to announce that we are reopening our services onsite at Agape Community Church. We will be starting with our Prayer Meetings on the 16th of December, followed by our Sunday Services on the 20th of December. 

And as long as the government allows us to meet, we will continue to meet physically for services from now on. We want to invite you to come back to church and let us gather together to worship and celebrate our amazing God together. Please remember to follow all the SOP guidelines in place in our showing love to one another. An SOP video is provided below.

We will still be streaming our services online for the benefit of those who cannot join us physically
or are far away on the same Church Online Platform. Do follow us on our social media for news, updates and encouragement. 

Looking forward to seeing you here at Agape Community Church!

Agape Leadership Team

7 DEC 2020

Senior Pastor's Address #4

5 NOV 2020

Senior Pastor's Address #3



Dear Agape Family,

With the improvement of Covid-19 in our country and by the grace of God, we are now able to meet again with safety precautions. We are excited with the prospect of gathering again to worship God as one voice and one people. 

The video above lines out our reopening stages month by month, depending on the situation in our country as well as guidelines released by our government. If all is well, we will be able to physically meet as a church and have Sunday Services onsite in October. 

However, the fight against Covid-19 is not over and we will all need to take necessary precautions to hamper the spread of the virus. As you come back to church, you will notice the signs and arrows we have set up. We hope that we can show love to one another in the church by being responsible, caring for the vulnerable, and following SOP guidelines set. Below are some graphic reminders to practice often. 

Continue also to worship God where you are, grow in your walk with God, and serve the people around you. We need to take personal ownership of our faith journey and live out Christ wherever we are. In the midst of this crisis, there is a great need and opportunity for people to experience and know the reality of God through us, His people. 

Remembering all of you in our prayers, always. Do take care, stay safe and God bless! 

From Agape Leadership Team

31 DEC 2020

Special Announcement: Covid Updates

31 December.jpg


The year 2020 has been hard and a lot of people are financially affected by the pandemic. In response to this, the church has put up a task force to help out the community. The task force was a successful project as we were able to help out families and individuals to get through a hard time during the pandemic.


Press the button below to know more details about the task force


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