How Do I Grow?

I have recently accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

Congratulations and welcome to the family! You have made an important decision in your life and we would love to journey with you in this new life. 

We have some classes that you can take in order to understand your new faith better as well as find as community to support you as you grow.


I am quite new to Agape and would like to know how I can grow here.


Christian life is lived out in community and relationships. So find a cell group or fellowship where you can receive and give support

We also have many fellowship groups of different age and languages groups that you can choose to be a part of. Click on the picture above to find out more. 

Don't stop there! We are also called to live out our faith and kingdom values in our everyday lives!

We can grow in our walk, faith and understanding of God through the Agape Christian Education (ACE) program, services, cell and ad-hoc programs.

When you have found community and are growing, it is time to give and to serve God through the multiple ministries and avenues in this church. 

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